Beneficial Relationships

...Of The Technical Kind

The TF? definition of design is, “Beneficially Relating Elements”. If elements are defined as, “The limits of change propagation,” then what are the relationships between elements and how do elements benefit from those relationships?

I can’t answer these questions. Yet. Figuring it out is part of writing the book (I’ll be announcing the details of paid subscriptions and a rough book timeline soon).

What I’m pretty sure I know:

  • Scale matters. The relationships between functions are qualitatively different from the relationships between modules or services. I expect some invariants to hold, like power laws.

  • Simplicity. I don’t expect the answers to either “what are the relationships?” nor “what are the benefits conferred?” to be infinitely complicated. More like the four flavors of function-scoped variables.

  • Surprises. Some of what comes of this inquiry will be shocking, even after 50 years or writing programs. That’s the fun part!